Setting the scene… Some many years ago amidst a classroom full of boisterous characters… DJ

Scyther received the nickname which would go on to inspire his aspirations of becoming a renowned 



At the age of 16, Scyther began to rapidly advance in his mixing skills with the use of the virtual DJ 

programme. Venturing into production, sampling funky house hits and producing his own beats. This 

progressed during his college days, with the use of professional DJ equipment which, recognising his 

skills, led the decision to become a multi-genre DJ. Since doing so, DJ Scyther has had the pleasure of 

playing at some of the biggest clubs in the country!! To name a few; Ministry of Sound, Liquid & 

Envy, Inc Club, Proud 2 and Batchwood Mansions. 

Utilising his production skills DJ Scyther has produced numerous mixtapes throughout the years, one 

of which stands to mention the ‘Mix & Blend’ volumes! Co-hosted by Snizz, a popular MC in the 

club scene. ‘Mix & Blend’ a multi-genre music CD, took platform and became a phenomenon within 

the University scene. 


Determined to build upon his profile within the music scene, DJ Scyther is swiftly building his 

universal /international résumé; playing in Ghana’s capital city of Accra, Ayia Napa, Dublin and Amsterdam with 

future plans to DJ in Cancun, New York, Miami and many more...


Despite playing at major festivals such as The Great Escape, Latitude, Woo Hah & Out4Fame, DJ Scyther has also produced for many artists who have featured on many radio platforms such As BBC 1Xtra, BBC 1 Radio, Capital Xtra, Pulse FM, West Side Radio, Reprezent & Radar Radio. 


However, the journey does not stop here! Scyther has every intention to reach greater heights and continue to do what he does best, please you… THE LISTENER!

DJ Scyther